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Painting Exposed Ceilings and Structures with Dry Fall Paint

Dry Fall paint is an excellent product for covering large, exposed ceiling areas in commercial warehouses, industrial spaces, gymnasiums or other areas with structural exposed steel ceilings. Dry Fall paint is designed for spray application and is fabricated to dry very quickly to help eliminate damage from overspray. Overspray is always a concern with spray application. Overspray is essentially small droplets of paint that do not stick to the surface being painted. These tiny droplets will float through the air and when wet, will stick to anything in their way. A good commercial paint company will mitigate overspray damage through proper planning, containment and masking. At Devine Co Painting, this is something we are always prepared for. We can very effectively eliminate overspray damage by properly masking and preparing work areas and by selecting the proper products for the job.

Now that we’ve talked about overspray, let’s take a moment to touch on Dry Fall and how it works. Dry Fall paint contains additives that cause the paint to dry very rapidly. It is designed so that as the paint overspray falls, it dries quickly. Typically, it is dry after falling within 10 feet of the surface area. So instead of wet droplets flying through the air, you are left with a fine dry dust that can me more easily contained and cleaned without damaging floors and nearby surfaces.

Dry Fall is perfect for interior exposed overhead steel structures. At Devine Co. Painting, we often use Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial™ Waterborne Acrylic Dryfall for structural ceilings. Typically, it is a good product for large warehouses, gymnasiums and other large areas with exposed steel structures that require a quality coating that is not subject to harsh wear. There are many other dry fall products in the market. At Devine Co Painting, we work to select the best product for the job and consider important factors like application, wear, corrosion, temperature, etc. It is important that the proper product is selected to assure long term performance, adhesion and durability.

Dry Fall paint being applied to exposed structure

Some additional benefits of Dryfall paint include:

  • Quick Application–Dry Fall allows for a fast production rate, minimizing downtime of your business. It is not uncommon to complete a ceiling in a day or two.
  • Quality finish – Dry Fall produces a smooth attractive finish. A white dryfall finish maintains good light reflection for painting ceilings in large warehouses and industrial spaces and a black dryfall finish is great for light absorption in retail spaces or areas where light is not as important.
  • Easy Clean up – As mentioned above, dryfall helps protect surrounding surfaces by eliminating overspray damage to walls and floors.
  • Good Surface Adhesion – Dry Fall is very durable and should last years when properly applied.

There is technique and skill required to properly apply dry fall paint. Devine Co. Painting has 40 years of experience painting with Dry Fall. Our painters move quickly and efficiently. We pay attention to processes to assure smooth and even application and our staff is thoroughly trained in applying commercial coatings with spray application. The end result is a clean space, with a smooth, quality durable finish that will improve the look and feel of your business.

For more information on Dry Fall application, or for an estimate for your business please contact us by email at or by phone at (262) 679-1500.

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