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Power Washing

Devine Painting, LLC can help your exterior services look new again with our commercial pressure washing service. Pressure washing, or power washing, is a very effective way to clean exterior surfaces. We also use pressure washing techniques in repaint situations where cleaning is required before new finishes are applied.

In addition to our commercial pressure washing service, we can also apply solvent cleaners and chemical stripping for situations where pressure washing is not appropriate.

Abrasive Blasting

If our commercial pressure washing service or solvent cleaning service is not appropriate, abrasive blasting can be used to remove corrosion, rust, mold and other tough stains. There are many different abrasive materials that can be used to clean surfaces with abrasive blasting. Sandblasting is often adequate and appropriate. Devine Painting will assess the project at hand and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective abrasive blasting process for cleaning your structures.

Please Contact us to discuss your project and to learn more about the various types of surface cleaning services we offer.

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